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At idMask, we understand that breathing clean air is just one part of your day. Introducing the most advanced pollution mask yet... 


Ford focuses on developing vehicles that deliver exceptional value to our customers across global markets. No matter where we do business, however, our product strategy stays the same. All our vehicles sport bold exterior designs, while offering great handling and performance. Not only are they great to drive – with interior enhancements in comfort and connectivity – but fuel economy across every vehicle in our portfolio is a reason to buy. 

From distinctively-styled midsize sedans, offering an unmatched combination of power, technology and safety on the road, to versatile utility vehicles and tough, durable trucks, Ford’s product development team delivers the balanced range of world-class vehicles that our customers want and value.

Big Bamboo

One of Shanghai's most popular and longest running sports bars, The Big Bamboo is the first place to go if you're looking for beer in a bar and sports on TV. They host live feeds of virtually all championship games in virtually all sports, as well as offer daily happy hour specials and drink deals. They've also got pool, darts, foosball, and a full menu of western dinner options and pub fare. Check their website for special events anchored around whatever sport is having their championship.

SinoUnited Health

SinoUnited Health is the first western medical center in Shanghai that specializes in all aspects of pain management and rehabilitation. Since 2004, experts from around the world in the fields of Orthopedics, Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine, Neurology, Osteopathy and Pain Management work together to accurately diagnose and treat our patients’ medical problems.


At SinoUnited Health, our goal is more than just the immediate alleviation of pain. We are dedicated to curing people or improving their quality of life after an injury, accident, disease or surgery. We treat the source of pain so that our patients will be able to live without limitations.


SinoUnited Health’s three Shanghai medical centers are committed to offering you the highest standard of international healthcare. We welcome you to visit our facilities and explore ourextensive direct billing network.


As an International clinic we offer our services in a variety of languages to our patients including: English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Italian, French, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Turkish.


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