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Frequently Asked Questions / 近期最常询问的问题


Who is eligible to play for the team? 

Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to play for the Shanghai Warriors. Previous playing experience is welcomed but not mandatory. What is required is that you already live in Shanghai, China as we currently do not pay players to play on our team. The main requirement the team asks of you is to be committed to coming to practice, giving your best effort, and being a "team first" player. 


What types of practices are currently being held? What are the times, dates, and locations? 

1. Summer Conditioning: (June - Late August) we will have a 10 week summer conditioning program. They are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 19:00 in Fuxing Park. 


2. AFLC 2014 Practices: Begin on Sunday, August 3rd, 2014. We will practice every Sunday (unless we have games) at Putuo Sports Complex from 2 - 5pm. During weeks where we have games, we will have team walkthroughs on the Saturday before the game at the same location and time. 




Fuxing Park Map and Directions: 




Putuo Sports Complex Map and Directions: 


When does your season start? Is it ok to join late? 

Our AFLC season begins in September. The deadline for us to accept new players that are eligible to participate in the 2014 season games is October 2014. The deadline to join the team in October 10th. 


What is the AFLC? 

The American Football League of China, otherwise known as the AFLC, is the first and only semi-professional football league in China. The league was established in 2013 with the most competitive 8 teams throughout China split into two divisions. Due to the leagues great success, it is expected that the league will grow and a third division will be added in 2014. The end goal of the league will be to establish a profitable semi-professional league that continues to follow the growth of football into the top-tier of China's domestic sport entertainment. 


How can I acquire my equipment and uniforms to play for the team? 

New players that need to  need equipment and uniforms have several ways to go about getting them. The first is to buy a complete set of equipment. Coaches from our team have will help you chose and ship over the equipment from the United States at the cheapest rates. The second way to have equipment is to rent team own equipment for the season. This works by the player putting down a deposit for the equipment. Once the player returns his equipment, he receives a percentage of his deposit back.

The final way is if you live abroad and are coming to Shanghai, bring your equipment with you. We can paint your helmet if it is not our team colors. 


For more information, please contact Frank Schipani at 







Fuxing Park Map and Directions: 




Putuo Sports Complex Map and Directions: 


中国美式橄榄球联盟,俗称AFLC,全称为American Football League China,是中国仅有的半职业联盟。这个联盟在2013年由八只队伍成立的,并分为两个赛区。由于第一年的成功,所以在今年它得到了扩张并成立了第三个赛区。这个联盟的最终目的是建立起盈利性半职业化的中国橄榄球联盟。并随着橄榄球在中国影响的不断扩大逐步扩大规模。


如果你有其他的问题,欢迎通过Shanghaiwarriors41@gmail.com联系Frank Schipani 




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