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​On November 27th, 2011 the Shanghai Warriors were established by five American football enthusiasts living in Shanghai, China.



- Frank Schipani

- Owen Yan

- Dennis Allen Bridgeforth II

- Casey Pierce

- Christophe Bigot


From it's humble beginnings, the Shanghai Warriors American Football team has grown into a 50 member American football club with five coaches. Like the city we represent, our team is very international. People from all over the world coach, play for, and participate with our team.


The major perk of being a Shanghai Warrior is that you come into a program that is highly organized and well run. The leading members of the team have weekly meetings regarding the team and ensure that goals are being reached and objectives are being complete. In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to get better at playing football, as we are one of the few teams to have a coaching staff in China. You will receive direction, guidance, and improve.







- Frank Schipani

- Owen Yan

- Dennis Allen Bridgeforth II

- Casey Pierce

- Christophe Bigot







Coaching Staff

Our coaches each have years of American football experience ranging from high school to NCAA Division I.​

Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator: Chris Gardner


Defensive Coordinator: Frank Schipani


Special Teams/Linebackers: Zach Brown


Offensive Linemen: Pei Hsu


Defensive Linemen: Bertrand Ducauroy


Wide Receivers: Ron Wardle, Henry Sung


Defensive Backs: Ron Wardle 


Team Manager: Paris Lawman 



的教練有多年的橄欖球經驗。從美國高中,一直到美國大學NCAA D1。


教練:Chris Gardner 


練/防守教練:Frank Schipani


教練/防守線教練: Zach Brown


进攻线锋教练: Pei Hsu


进攻线防守线教练:Bertrand Ducuaroy


外接手教练: Ron Wardle, Henry Sung


防守后卫教练: Ron Wardle

球队经理:Paris Lawman



About the Shanghai Warriors / 關於上海勇士

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